Come! Jang Bo Ri (2014)


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2014

Come! Jang Bo Ri (2014)

Jang Bo Ri is Here, 왔다! 장보리

Drama , Family , Melodrama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 52

6.1 586 10 0


As a child, Jang Bo Ri was adopted by a family without much money. She then learns that she is the missing daughter from a wealthy family and reunited with her real parents after 20 years. Bo Ri goes through the drastic change in her life and tries to become a successful designer of traditional Korean dresses. Meanwhle, Yeon Min Jung who grew up in that family as a surrogate daughter, must return to her place with Bo Ri’s adopted family. The two women struggle within their new surroundings and also get entangled in the hearts of two stepbrothers, Lee Jae Hwa and Lee Jae Hee.


Oh Yeon Seo Jang Bo Ri Main Role
Kim Ji Hoon Lee Jae Hwa Main Role
Oh Chang Seok Lee Jae Hee Main Role
Lee Yoo Ri Yeon Min Jung Main Role
Sung Hyuk Moon Ji Sang Main Role
Hwang Yeong Hee Min Jung's mother Supporting Role
Han Seung Yeon Lee Ga Eul Supporting Role
Park Geon Il Kang Yoo Cheon Supporting Role
Im Do Yoon Yeong Sook Supporting Role
Kim Ji Young Do Bi Dan Supporting Role
Shin Rin Ah [Yeong Sook's daughter] Supporting Role
Choi Dae Cheol Kang Nae Cheon Supporting Role
Kim Yong Rim Kim Soo Mi Supporting Role
Yoo Eun Mi Jang Bo Ri (young) Supporting Role
Lee Dong Ha Hyeon Chae Supporting Role
Yang Mi Kyung Ok Soo Supporting Role
Kim Hye Ok In Hwa Supporting Role
Geum Bo Ra Hwa Yeon Supporting Role
Jung Won Joong Hee Bong Supporting Role
Ahn Nae Sang Soo Bong Supporting Role
Woo Hee Jin Lee Jung Ran Supporting Role
Han Jin Hee Lee Dong Hoo Supporting Role
Shin Soo Yun Yeon Min Jung (young) Guest Role
Kim Hyeon Suk Customer in department store (ep 9) Guest Role
Yoo Ji Seong (Ep.52) Guest Role
Jo Hyeon Do Lee Jae Hee (young) Guest Role
Jung Yoon Suk Lee Jae Hwa (young) Guest Role
Park Seo Hyeon Unknown Role
Seol Woo Hyung Unknown Role
Yoon Seo Unknown Role
Lee Yeong Ran [First lady] Unknown Role


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