Coffee House (2010)


  • Broadcast period: 17/05/2010 to 27/07/2010
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday 20:50
  • Release: 2010
  • Director: Pyo Min Soo
  • Producer: SBS

Coffee House (2010)

페이지 원, Page One, 커피하우스

Drama , Romance , Korean | 18 Episodes

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Lee Jin Soo made it big after writing several thriller novels and establishing himself as a talented novelist. He works for Seo Eun Young, the owner of the biggest publishing company in Korea, and has a long-time friendship with her. Lee Jin Soo has lots of fans, especially female ones, and he seems to be the perfect match for any woman… but what no one knows is that he is actually a bit weird and sarcastic, has lots of strange habits, and holds a dark secret. The one who has to cope with him and his habits is his secretary, Kang Seung Yeon, who begged him for this job to become a pro instead of the below-average girl that she really is. On top of that, there is also the return of Han Ji Won, Seo Eun Young’s ex-fiance, whom she despises. Han Ji Won is trying to get Seo Eun Young back, but she has her eyes set on Lee Jin Soo.


Park Shi Yeon Seo Eun Young Main Role
Kang Ji Hwan Lee Jin Soo Main Role
Jeong Wung In Han Ji Won Main Role
Ham Eun Jung Kang Seung Yeon Main Role
Ahn Kil Kang Kang Jin Man [Seung Yeon's dad] Supporting Role
Park Jae Jeong Kim Dong-Wook Supporting Role
Won Ki Joon Hyun Suk Supporting Role
Ha Dae Ro Geum-Kwon Supporting Role
Jung Soo Young Oh Hyun Joo Supporting Role
Son Se Bin Supporting Role
Jung Ji Ah Go Yoon Joo Supporting Role
Kim In Woo Yamada Supporting Role
Lee Soon Jae Eun Young's grandfather Supporting Role
Jeong Cheon Seok Park Yung Chul Supporting Role
Kim Min Sang Kang Seung Chul (Seung Yeon's brother) Guest Role
Jung Joon Ho Guest Role
Kim Sung Min Guest Role
Moon Cheon Shik Vet Guest Role
Lim Hwa Yeong Unknown Role
Kim Ji Young Hong Bong Nyeo (Seung Yeon's grandmother) Unknown Role
Lee Hye Eun Eun Young's friend Unknown Role
Yu Chae Young Unknown Role
Heo Tae Hee Dong Min Unknown Role
Jin Seong Park Young Chul Unknown Role

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Drama , Romance , Korean

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