Burning Hands (2017)


  • Broadcast period: 16/01/2017 to 12/02/2017
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2017
  • Producer: TVB

Burning Hands (2017)

Hot Pursuit, Winning Attack, 乘勝狙擊

Drama , Crime , Thriller , HK | Episodes 28

7 673 10 0


"Yat Gor" Chak Koon-yat, "Win Jeh" Ho Ching-fa, and "Yee Jai" Hugo Ng have followed their master Szeto Sing to learn con tricks and illusions since childhood. Yat and Fa grow fond of each other over the years, but a competition estranges them and they lose contact. In order to flush out the mole, a casino tycoon named Fok Chun-sing colludes with Szeto to induce Yat and Hugo into taking up a secret mission, resulting in their reunion with Fa. With each of them possessing a unique talent, they gradually uncover that the mole might be Fok's right-hand man Lam Lui, confidant Yau Yuet-wah, or one of their rivals. But nothing is as it seems. To come into terms to why Fok killed his father Chiang Tin-lung twenty years ago, Yat infiltrates the Chun Sing Group, dealing a crushing blow to the crisis-ridden casino. That leads to an enmity between siblings, total severance of the master-disciple relationship, and irreconcilable differences between father and son.


Chan Ruco Chak Kun Yat "Yat Gor" Main Role
Sinn Pal Fok Chun Sing Main Role
Lin Rosina Ho Ching Fa "Win Jeh" Main Role
Chan Joel Ng Pak Yi "Hugo" Main Role
Fu Kelly Fok Hei Yan "Dawn" Main Role
Lam Alex Ting Kuen Supporting Role
Chiu Candice So Lai Fun "Souvenir" Supporting Role
Poon Pat Szeto Sang Supporting Role
Wong Hugo Chow Siu Leung Supporting Role
Lui Rosanne Yuan Yau Chi Supporting Role
Huynh Stephen Ng Sai Fung "Sau Fung" Supporting Role
Tsui Wing Lee Hang "Open Eyes" Supporting Role
Chong Jacquline Ha Mei See "Veronica" Supporting Role
Ng Hugo Cheung Tin Lung Supporting Role
Chan Rebecca Yau Yuen Wah "Celine" Supporting Role
Wong Geoffrey Lam Lui "Stone" Supporting Role

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Drama , Crime , Thriller , HK


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