Black Heart White Soul (2014)


  • Broadcast period: 14/07/2014 to 23/08/2014
  • Air time: 00:00
  • Release: 2014
  • Producer: TVB

Black Heart White Soul (2014)


Drama , Drama , HK | 30 Episodes

6.3 474 10 0


Tam Mei Ching who has low moral consciousness takes the rap for her boyfriend who has committed a crime. After serving her sentence, Ko Zit Hang, a lawyer helps her start afresh by giving her a job at his law firm. Ko initially had a bright future ahead but was crashed when rookie police Cheung Lap Guen accidentally hurt him when he was on a mission, causing Ko to be wheelchair bounded for the rest of his life. At the same time, this creates an opportunity for the two to break the law. As Ko's hidden conspiracies is exposed, Cheung harbors him out of guilt.


Kwok Roger Gou Zit Hang "Matt" Main Role
Cheung Louis Ma Kai Yuen "Marco" Main Role
Lee Waise Duk Yi King / Henry" Main Role
Ng Ron Cheung Lap Dong "Funny" Main Role
Tin Kristal Tam Mei Zhan "May" Main Role
Chan Jason Wung Zi Chung "Alvis" Supporting Role
Lau Kong Gou Lam Supporting Role
Lee Becky Chiu Man Fai "Denise" Supporting Role
Yeung Matt Lau Ngan "Ah Fo" Supporting Role
Sheung Kiki Sin Wai Ying "Madam Sin" Supporting Role
Yeo Vivien Yeung Man Bing "Icy" Supporting Role
Li Leanne Sze Ka Lai "Scarlett" Supporting Role
Yiu Claire Yip Yeng Sum Supporting Role
Wong Derek Gou Zhi Ming "Benjamin" Supporting Role
Chan May Lau Miu "Miu Miu" Supporting Role
Lau Lisa Duk Cheok Chi "Gillian" Supporting Role
Shum Jennifer Eva Supporting Role
Yip Fanny Katie Supporting Role
Ng Amy News Caster Supporting Role
Chung Eric Judge Supporting Role
Shum Janice Ada Supporting Role
Cheung Chi Hin Supporting Role
Lam Mandy Lisa Supporting Role
Tong Roxanne Heung Tai Supporting Role
Wong Hugo Zhu Tian Guest Role

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Drama , Drama , HK

  • Trailer Black Heart White Soul
  • Trailer Black Heart White Soul
  • Trailer Black Heart White Soul


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