Bet Hur (2017)


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2017
  • Producer: TVB

Bet Hur (2017)

The Shell Game, Casino Heroes, 賭城群英會

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , HK | Episodes 35

5.8 263 10 0


Twenty years ago, in a gambling match between two masters, Heong Mo Ming suddenly appears to help his senior win and then disappears. The desire to avenge the loss plants the seeds for a longstanding grudge that extends to the next generation. Heong Mo Ming's two disciples, Sze Dan Gor and Sap Sam Mui, used to be lovers, but they separated after a misunderstanding. They each train disciples who are proficient in various gambling techniques and skills. Chow Goon Jai, Chui Sui Man and Siu Sai Gor are taken in by Sze Dan Gor, while Sap Sam Mui carefully cultivates Sze Siu Dung, Ching Siu Bak and Wong Siu Nam. After multiple exchanges, Chow Goon Jai and Sze Siu Dung's feelings for each other turn from loathe to love. Later, they even combine forces to battle against the camp headed by To Dung Hoi and his son. Unfortunately, Chui Sui Man suddenly switches allegiances. Sze Dan Gor passes the baton to Chow Goon Jai. Although he secretly has the help of good friend Chan Siu Long, Chow Goon Jai cannot avoid the misfortune and is forced to step into the ultimate revenge battle with injuries. At this moment, Heong Mo Ming reappears...


Chan Natalis Sze Dan Gor Main Role
Tse Patrick Heung Mo Ming Main Role
Yeung Matt Chan Siu Long Main Role
Ma Kenneth Chow Goon Jai / "OK Jai" Main Role
Sheh Charmaine Sze Siu Dung Main Role
Wong Raymond Chui Sui Man Main Role
Chan Monica Sap Sam Mui Main Role
Ko Samantha Ching Siu Bak Supporting Role
Ho Dominic Siu Sai Gor / "Scott" Supporting Role
Wu Bowie Wu Sam Ching Supporting Role
Lee Joseph To Dung Hoi Supporting Role
Leung Jade Leoi Mei Yi / "Tina" Supporting Role
Sum Jess Heung Sum Yin Supporting Role
Li Lily Chan Ma Supporting Role
Man Connie Wong Siu Nam Supporting Role
Wong Ada Lat Chiu Jai Supporting Role
Chung Iris Kwong Siu Sai Supporting Role
Mak Louisa Tau Je Lan / "Dorothy" Supporting Role
Tong Carmen Yip Chi Ching Supporting Role
Ng Carlo Tou Dai Bou Supporting Role
Tse Susan Ching Ng Yin Yi / "OK Ma" Supporting Role


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