Beppin-san (2016)
Ep 133


  • Broadcast period: 03/10/2016 to 01/04/2017
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2016
  • Producer: NHK

Beppin-san (2016)


Drama , Comedy , Romance , Japan | Episodes 150

6.5 578 10 0


Bando Sumire was born to the wealthy Bando family as the second of two sisters. She loves embroidery and sewing. Once she gets started, she will be so focused that she loses sight of her surroundings. Because she frequently looks like she is gazing vacantly to a casual onlooker as images fill her mind, the people around her worry about what she is thinking. But Sumire is unconcerned. When she decides on something, she will stand firm and follow through no matter what happens. She marries during the Pacific War and gets pregnant, but her husband Norio soon goes to war. Sumire gives birth to their daughter while he is absent. To make matters worse, an air raid is launched on Kobe just before the end of the war and she loses both the house she grew up in and wealth. As Sumire waits for Norio to come back from the front, she begins to make children’s clothing with her dressmaking skills. Gathering her classmates from her girl’s school days, Sumire rents a shoe shop’s show window and the specialty clothing shop that she started turns into a big hit that is beyond anyone’s imagination. She would later establish a first-ever children's goods store in Japan.


Yoshine Kyoko Bando Sumire Main Role
Namase Katsuhisa Bando Isoya Supporting Role
Kanno Miho Bando Hana Supporting Role
Renbutsu Misako Bando Yuri Supporting Role
Kora Kengo Nogami Kiyoshi Supporting Role
Tanimura Mitsuki Ono Akemi Supporting Role
Ichimura Masachika Asada Shigeo Supporting Role
Nakamura Tamao Bando Tokuko Supporting Role
Honda Hirotaro Bando Chotaro Supporting Role
Mikura Mana Bando Shizuko Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Romance , Japan


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