Bad Guys (2014)


  • Broadcast period: 04/10/2014 to 13/11/2014
  • Air time: Saturday 22:00
  • Release: 2014
  • Director: Kim Jung Min
  • Producer: OCN

Bad Guys (2014)

나쁜 녀석들

Drama , Action , Crime , Thriller , Korean | 11 Episodes

7.9 1123 10 0


To combat rising violent crimes, the Police Chief asks Detective Oh Goo Tak (Kim Sang Joong) to form a team consisting of criminals. He is currently suspended from the police force for using excessive force. He then gathers team members: Park Woong Chul (Ma Dong Suk) who is a gangster, Lee Jung Moon (Park Hae Jin) who is the youngest serial killer with extraordinary intelligence and Jung Tae Soo (Jo Dong Hyuk) who is a contract killer. Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young (Kang Ye Won) also joins the team and she tries to have these guys work as a team by dealing with them rationally and sometimes emotionally.


Park Hae Jin Lee Jung Moon Main Role
Jo Dong Hyeok Jung Tae Soo Main Role
Kim Sang Joong Oh Goo Tak Main Role
Ma Dong Seok Park Woong Cheol Main Role
Ki Se Hyung Kan Doo Man Supporting Role
Kang Ye Won Yoo Mi Yeong Supporting Role
Im Seong Eon Supporting Role
Nam Tae Boo [Ethnic Koreans living in China] Supporting Role
Seo Hye Jin Shin So Jung Supporting Role
Ahn Byeong Kyeong [Broker of contract killer] Supporting Role
Ryu Sung Hoon Lee Seok Jin Supporting Role
Kwon Jae Hyeon Detective Kim Supporting Role
Min Ji Ah Park Seon Jeong Supporting Role
Nam Sung Jin Kim Dong Ho Supporting Role
Hwang Seung Eon Yang Yoo Jin Supporting Role
Kim Tae Hoon Prosecutor Oh Jae Won Supporting Role
Park Jung Hak Lee Doo Gwang Supporting Role
Kang Shin Il Nam Goo Hyun Supporting Role
Kim Byeong Chun Serial killer Supporting Role
Heo Tae Hee [Prosecutor] Supporting Role
Park Jeong Woo Son Moon Ki Supporting Role
Park Hyo Jun Yoon Chul Joo Supporting Role
Choi Min (ep 6) Guest Role
Ryu Hye Yeong [Hyeon Woo's fiancee](Ep.7) Guest Role
Lee Yong Nyeo Hwang Gyeong Soon (Ep.4) Guest Role
Kim Jae Seung Woo Hyun Woo (Ep.5-7) Guest Role
Jeon Jin Seo Kim Yeong Joon Guest Role
Kwon Min Unknown Role
Song Won Seok Unknown Role
Cha Jong Ho Unknown Role
Choi Min Yoon Dong Sik Unknown Role
Woo Jung Kook Unknown Role
Kim Ji Hoon President Ri Unknown Role
Lee Sol Gu Unknown Role

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Drama , Action , Crime , Thriller , Korean

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