Awl (2015)


  • Broadcast period: 24/10/2015 to 29/11/2015
  • Air time: Sunday, Saturday 21:40
  • Release: 2015
  • Director: Kim Suk Yoon
  • Producer: jTBC

Awl (2015)


Drama , Drama , Korean | 12 Episodes

8.6 99 10 0


The drama tells the story of average workers, who silently work hard on each one’s own task. They finally pull together as a team to fight through a difficult and unfair situation. Lee Soo In (Ji Hyun Woo) has the kind of temperament where he has to do the right thing no matter what. After his discharge from the military, he finds work at a large retail market. One day, his boss orders him to fire temporary employees at the store. Lee Soo In refuses to do so and decides to join the labor un


Ji Hyun Woo Lee Soo In Main Role
Ahn Nae Sang Goo Go Shin Main Role
Ahn Sang Woo Section Chief Yoon Supporting Role
Kim Joong Ki Section Chief Kim Supporting Role
Ye Sung Hwang Joon Chul Supporting Role
Kim Hee Won Jung Min Chul Supporting Role
Yoon Bo Hyeon Min Ho Supporting Role
Yoo Joo Hye Min Jung Supporting Role
Park Shi Hwan Nam Dong Hyeop Supporting Role
Shin Yeon Suk Joon Geum Supporting Role
Kim Hee Chang Cha Sung Hak Supporting Role
Baek Hyun Joo Han Young Shil Supporting Role
Hwang Jung Min Hwang Jung Min Supporting Role
Jo Jae Ryong Section Chief Heo Supporting Role
Jung Won Joong [HR Director] Supporting Role
Hyun Woo Joo Gang Min Supporting Role
Kim Ga Eun Moon So Jin Supporting Role
Lee Jung Eun Kim Jung Mi Supporting Role
Lee Seo Won Lee Soo In [Young] Guest Role
Park Hyeok Kwon [Customer who wants a refund at the mart](Ep.1) Guest Role
Choi Yong Min [Soo In's superior in the army](Ep.2) Guest Role
Choi Dae Cheol Mr. Kim [Garbage truck driver](Ep.2) Guest Role
Choi Moo Sung [Soo In's father] Guest Role
Moon Ji Yoon Lee Tae Kyung Unknown Role
Gong Jung Hwan Unknown Role

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Drama , Drama , Korean

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